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Re: [skalli-dev] Wiki@Eclipse: How to Build and Run Skalli in Eclipse

Hi Michael,

On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 5:37 PM, Ochmann, Michael <michael.ochmann@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I have adapted our Skalli contributor guide ( to the latest changes in the target platform. Setting up a build in Eclipse has become much simpler since the last update:
- there are now download links for all 3rd-party bundles (including Lucene)
- the new target platform file,, references no invalid locations anymore - just copy the 3rd-party libraries to and the target resolves automagically now!
- CustomField still has to be copied, but we currently can do nothing about that

Changed my configuration to this target definition, did work well, thanks for.

I also refined the "Run Skalli in Eclipse" section. Running Skalli in Eclipse now works out-of-the-box with no additional tweaking thanks to checked in jetty configurations and launch files.

@Jochen: I ran into the problem with the missing imports in glassfish ( For first time users, patching that glassfish bundle appeared to me a bit of a too big hurdle, so I added a second launch configuration, skalli-nobootdelegation.launch with bootdelegation=false (requiring a patched glassfish), while I switched the original skalli.launch back to bootdelegation=true so that it runs with the unpatched glassfish bundle. Details are described in the guide.

Thats fine. I checked in the launch config with with -Dosgi.bootdelegation=false not by purpose. Thanks for this fix.

Bye, Jochen

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