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[skalli-dev] Wiki@Eclipse: How to Build and Run Skalli in Eclipse

Hi all,

I have adapted our Skalli contributor guide ( to the latest changes in the target platform. Setting up a build in Eclipse has become much simpler since the last update:
- there are now download links for all 3rd-party bundles (including Lucene)
- the new target platform file,, references no invalid locations anymore - just copy the 3rd-party libraries to and the target resolves automagically now!
- CustomField still has to be copied, but we currently can do nothing about that

Note, we have refactored the persistence mechanism in Skalli completely to make it independent from a local file system. Furthermore, we contributed an implementation of that storage mechanism that uses a database as storage device (see That feature needs some additional 3rd-party libs (at runtime). So if your target platform does not resolve anymore, you likely just miss these libs.

Note, the second: We have to figure out yet how to make the new database storage mechanism work on Jetty - it has been implemented for another runtime, but since it is based on JPA is should not be rocket science to make it work on Jetty and some suitable database. For the time being, there is still the file system based storage mechanism (and it is the default).

Note, the third: Move the "customization" folder (if you have one) from "" to". Otherwise the new storage mechanism will not find it.

I also refined the "Run Skalli in Eclipse" section. Running Skalli in Eclipse now works out-of-the-box with no additional tweaking thanks to checked in jetty configurations and launch files.

@Jochen: I ran into the problem with the missing imports in glassfish ( For first time users, patching that glassfish bundle appeared to me a bit of a too big hurdle, so I added a second launch configuration, skalli-nobootdelegation.launch with bootdelegation=false (requiring a patched glassfish), while I switched the original skalli.launch back to bootdelegation=true so that it runs with the unpatched glassfish bundle. Details are described in the guide.


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