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Re: [skalli-dev] Commit for bugs 347537, 347536

Hi all,

I re-thought again about the skall feature structure. I dont like the last configuration, as the o.e.jetty.osgi.boot.jsp does NOT belong to the o.e.s.eclipse.feature. This fragment gives dependencies to a specific runtime, e.g. when using Virgo as another RT, which will lead to unnecesary dependencies (thanks Robert for the hint).

I would like to propose a slightly revised feature structure:

org.eclipse.skalli.eclipse.feature           all required Eclipse/OSGi bundles (without the fragement org.eclipse.jetty.osgi.boot.jsp) 
org.eclipse.skalli.orbit.feature               all required 3rdParty bundles as yet defined
org.eclipse.skalli.feature                      all required Skall bundles as yet defined
  includes features
org.eclipse.skalli.runtime.jetty.feature   all bundles for using Jetty as runtime. This includes the fragment org.eclipse.jetty.boot.jsp
  includes features

The product "skalli.product" will then include the features org.eclipse.skalli.feature, org.eclipse.skalli.runtime.jetty.feature. So it is at the end a product using Jetty as runtime platform.

Any comments?

Bye, Jochen

On Tue, May 31, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Varwig, Britta <britta.varwig@xxxxxxx> wrote:


Robert had investigating a lot here at SAP for our internal Skalli build hack (orbid, target and co), but he is currently in vacation and will come back on next Monday.

Others are in holiday as well, ill or very busy with other topics.

I think we will have more time to check the build in detail next week.


Regards Britta



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To: Skalli project developer mailing list
Subject: Re: [skalli-dev] Commit for bugs 347537, 347536



I had a look into the change „ Add product export to Skalli” (commit-id 2626878b1c332fe1cfbfce36378a04738ab034bb) and found out that you added an admin user.


Had you seen that there is a pending bug from me with provides additional test data: ( I am not a committer now and cant checkin L


@Jochen: Would you like to add that patch as well and merge with your changes?


The pom.xml for the new project org.eclipse.skalli.orbit.feature for the maven build is still missing. But I think we can add that later.


Regards Britta




From: skalli-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:skalli-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of Jochen Hiller
Sent: Montag, 30. Mai 2011 22:26
To: Skalli project developer mailing list
Subject: [skalli-dev] Commit for bugs 347537, 347536


Hi all,


I've just committed a bugfix for


Add missing equinox security fragments to org.eclipse.skalli.eclipse.feature


Accidentially, this fix was based on the patchset of


Add product export to Skalli


which was also committed in git push. 


This was not intended, as I would like have someone review the change first before committing.


Can someone please can try to checkout for other deployment scenarios, e.g. used at SAP? I do not want to break any build.



Thanks, Jochen


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