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Re: [servlet-dev] 6.0.0 release


It would be good to get something clarifying the onError stuff into 6.0.0, especially if we want to add a new connection listener.
But it's not absolutely necessary, as I guess we could agree on an interpretation of the existing spec after a 6.0.0 release (and we've got this far with different implementations).


On Thu, 11 Nov 2021 at 05:35, Mark Thomas <markt@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We should have started the 6.0.0 release by now. The main task is to
provide a PR for the Servlet TCK. I have time to work on that but before
I start are there any additional changes (whether PRs are available or
not) that we want to get into 6.0.0? If yes, we need to agree those
changes ASAP.


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