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[sdv-wg] EclipseCon demonstrates evolving SDV ecosystem

EclipseCon demonstrates evolving SDV ecosystem
Monday, November 6, 2023 - 15:13 by Craig Frayne

During the week of October 16, the Eclipse and SDV community gathered for EclipseCon 2023 in Ludwigsburg, just outside of Stuttgart. EclipseCon is an annual conference for developers, architects, and open-source business leaders to learn about Eclipse technologies and share best practices. SDV was a key theme of this year's conference, evident from the number and quality of workshops in the Automotive & Mobility track and SDV Community Day


There were over 100 attendees at the Automotive and SDV Community Days. The more than 15 automotive-related sessions covered a range of topics, including tooling, applications, blueprints, orchestration, communication protocols, over-the-air updates, and data insights. Sessions also introduced new project collaborations, such as Eclipse openDuT, as well as new projects within the SDV Working Group, including RedHat - Eclipse BlueChi and Zetta Scale - Eclipse Zenoh. Attendees received updates on current SDV projects: Elektrobit - Ankaios and GM - uProtocol. An introduction to the maturity badges program was also given, with an example from SDV Developer Console (T-Systems).

EclipseCon 2023 demonstrated how the SDV community is beginning to transcend project and working group barriers. For example, Zenoh (from the IoT Working Group) is now included in SDV. The SDV Community Day also included a presentation about Eclipse Capella, which belongs to another Working Group. Cross-projects were also presented, such as the SW Orchestration blueprint. The OpenDuT presentation provided an example of a project spanning multiple organizations (ETAS, Mercedes Benz Inno Tech, VW, AVL, and IAV).

Earlier in October, the kickoff for the FEDERATE project also took place, bringing together stakeholders in automotive, open-source software, the semiconductor industry, and public authorities to accelerate the development of the SDV ecosystem.

Next Steps

EclipseCon was a testament to the strong growth and evolution of the SDV community, just one year since the launch of the Working Group. To continue the momentum through the end of the year, there are several upcoming events related to SDV. Don't forget to register for the SDV Hackathon Challenge, which will take place from November 28 to 30 in Munich. The Eclipse Working Group will also be present at SFCON in Italy on November 10-11, EdgeTech in Japan from November 15 to 17, and AutoTech: Europe on November 15-16.


Craig Frayne

Technical Writer | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Eclipse Foundation: The Community for Open Innovation and Collaboration

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