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[sdv-wg-members] Fwd: SDV Working Group Strategic and Participant Member Meeting Oct. 17, 2022 Notes

Dear Members:

For those members who could not attend the meeting last week, I wanted to highlight the following:
  • Draft 2023 Program Plan for the Working Group is open for feedback/comment.  
  • Draft Technical Advisory Committee Operating Principles (formal governance body of the working group) and revisions to the Charter to support this Committee are open for feedback/comment.
  • All Members are invited to join SDV@BCX - Nov 7-9, 2022.   Register here: - Registration code: BCX22SDV.   
Feedback and/or comments on the Program Plan, Technical Advisory Committee document, and/or Charter may be sent to this mailing list.  Questions regarding SDV@BCX, please reach out to Michael Plagge.

If you are not attending EclipseCon  this week and are in the area, it's not too late to register onsite.  The full schedule is here.  This is a great opportunity to check out the 7 automotive sessions, dinner meetups and Hacker Day Thursday where SDV will host a hack challenge.  You can view the wiki here

Best Regards,


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Please find the notes of the meeting held on October 17, 2022 attached.

Best Regards,

Sharon Corbett
Program Director, Working Group Operations
Eclipse Foundation

Community. Code. Collaboration. 

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