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Re: [science-iwg] [science-sc] [science-pmc] Retiring the Science Working Group

Thanks Jay,

> 28. okt. 2022 kl. 22:09 skrev Jay Jay Billings <jayjaybillings@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Torkild,
> I've been waiting for a long time now for you to nominate me to the SC since we updated the charter and committer-members can take on SC roles, but they can only be nominated by current SC members. I probably should have synced up with you about this. Or did we do this and I just forgot about it?

I think I somehow overlooked that opportunity to nominate you. My apologies. Even so, it would take more than the two of us to make a Working Group serve its purpose. My day job no longer allows this effort. So for my part it would be on my spare time.

> But, I don't think it matters now and it is clearly an indicator of how low our activity has been. I believe that you are correct to make a motion that we should retire the working group. Please allow me to follow suit with Philip and second that motion. We can sync up with EF to figure out the next steps.
> I am also concerned that the PMC and TLP are defunct. After taking over as PMC chair, I emailed the list several times to ask for project leads to join a meeting and I think Philip was the only person to respond. I believe that we should ask the EMO for guidance on this and make moves to adjust membership and retire projects as needed.

Yes, even if we do retire the Working Group. I don’t feel like much is lost. Many enough of us are still around to keep at least some of the projects going. So I agree we should focus on getting the PMC working in a good manner. If opportunity arises to do more, we can. Retiring the Working Group is simply good bookkeeping.

I do support asking the EMO for guidance. But as you may remember, this process is already in work. TeXlipse for example was about to be retired just recently.

> If anyone wants to throw tomatoes at me, please do: They are one of my favorite fruits!

I’m not growing tomatoes, but I do have a five Trinidad Naga Scorpion, and one Scottish Black Bonnet bushes thriving. I might throw something, but I fear you will like it too much ;-)

> Jay

Missed you at EclipseCon. Maybe next time Jay,


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