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[scava-dev] Migrating wiki to scava-docs

Hiho good people,

I've started to migrate pages of the crossminer/scava repo wiki to the crossminer/scava-docs one. All pages from the wiki have been migrated, but there is still some adjustements to be made in the structure and contents of files.

Documentation is also automatically published in 2 places:

* github pages:
* readthedocs:

Here are a few comments and requests/questions:

* Please don't edit the wiki anymore. Instead, clone and use the docs repo [1].

=> Should we de-activate the scava wiki? If would force the use of the docs repo and prevent doc fragmentation.

* There is a 80MB zip file ( in the wiki [2]. I don't think it would be good practice to put it straight in the git repo.. it contains src and target directories. Any idea how to proceed?

=> I'd suggest to put it (only the source files) in a dedicated directory to keep the example while removing the binaries.


Have a wonderful end of week, cheers! :-)

Boris Baldassari
Castalia Solutions -- Elegant Software Engineering
Tel: +33 6 48 03 82 89

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