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RE: [rt-pmc] Re: Is Riena planning to join the Helios release train! (yes please)

I know we had a few last minute hiccups on the Galileo train but managed to hang on.
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3 is a good number.  just need one more...

On 2010-01-07, at 7:42 AM, Thomas Watson wrote:

Thanks Christian,

+1 from me.

I would like at least 2 more +1's from other PMC members (and no -1's) before forwarding on the exception not to the planning council. Again you are voting to allow the exception for Riena to have late participation in Helios. Other PMC members please vote. And please speak up if you do not think 3 +1 PMC votes is appropriate for this case. Thanks.


<graycol.gif>Christian Campo ---01/07/2010 04:54:44 AM---Hi Tom, yes that is an oversight and someone (thats me) is working on getting it done.

Christian Campo <Christian.Campo@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Thomas Watson/Austin/IBM@IBMUS
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01/07/2010 04:54 AM
Re: Is Riena planning to join the Helios release train! (yes please)

Hi Tom,

yes that is an oversight and someone (thats me) is working on getting it done.

I guess the reason that I missed M4 is first that I read somewhere that since Riena was in Galileo that Riena will be automatically in Helios. The oversight was that I must provide a Riena version for M4 build in order to be on the train and not just communicate the interest of the project. Very Sorry for that.

At the time Helios M4 was we were busy creating the Riena 1.2.0 release (based on Eclipse 3.5) since we are currently on a bi-yearly release circle (Releases in June and December) for Riena. (to get more features into the hand of users)

Yes please I want to be on the Helios release train. We have our release plan ready aligned with Helios and we are currently in the process to get the build working based on Eclipse 3.6 milestones since we had it always in our mind to be part of Helios.

For the justification part (why is it important) we have quite a number of people that I know that are running projects based on Riena and consume it through p2 update sites or the Galileo repository. We have other open source projects like redView (Ekke Gentz who is also Riena committer) which are basing their work on top of Riena milestones. And we could feel the difference once Riena was in the repository (in Galileo) the first time that more people would give it a shot since they were interested in the topic that Riena is covering and updating from a global repository lowers the barrier to try it.

Anything more I need to provide or need to do, please let me know.

Very sorry that I am creating this extra effort for you.



cc: riena-dev so that riena developers get informed

Am 06.01.2010 um 18:22 schrieb Thomas Watson:
      At the planning call today it was brought to my attention that Riena is not yet participating in the Helios builds. I assume this is just an oversight and someone from the Riena team is working to get integrated in the Helios build (Christian Campo is that you)? See

      Unfortunately since we missed M4 we will need to have an exception request made to the planning council by the RT PMC. If Riena wants to participate then we need the Riena team to justify why they should be included in the Helios release (How is it important to the Eclipse community, what is the business justification etc.) and why did we miss the M4 deadline for participation. Also how we will ensure that this will not happen in the future. The PMC is requesting a response from the Riena team to give us this justification. I will then ask the PMC to vote on the request for the late exception to allow Riena to participate in the Helios release. If approved then I will send the exception request to the planning council on behalf of the RT PMC.



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