Project Plan For Riena Project, version 6.0


This plan describes the work for Riena 6.0.0, which is planned for Jun 2014 (Luna release train). The overall goal is to investigate items where e4 and Riena can better integrate together. The E4 application model and the Riena navigation model.

Release Deliverables

Riena 6.0 runs on Eclipse 3.x, Eclipse 4.x and on RAP 2.1. Same as for 5.0 the cool is maintain that ability, fix bugs where they are coming and stabilize the platform. For 5.0SR1 we had to remove all dependencies to Nebula. We are hoping to include them back in again, once Nebula has its components in the Release train.

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Release Milestones

Riena plans on delivering milestone on the following schedule:
M4December 20, 2013
M5January 31, 2014
M6March 14, 2014
(API Freeze)
M7May 9, 2014
(Feature Freeze)

Riena 6.0 will be released on June 25, 2014, together with Eclipse Luna.

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Target Environments

Riena's target environments are:
  • Eclipse-based RCP 4.4/3.8 Applications
  • Eclipse-based RAP 2.2(Web) Applications
  • Equinox-Based Runtimes (e.g. Equinox servers)


Riena uses Eclipse internationalization support whereever it applies for its own components

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Compatibility with Previous Releases

Riena's APIs are currently stable. We intend to improve and break few APIs on the way to the 6.0 release. API are considered all exported packages that are not marked as

in their Export-Package declaration.

Table of Contents

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