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Re: [rest-dev] Start version 3.2

Thank you for driving this Jim!

On Mon, Jan 22, 2024 at 10:54 AM Jim Krueger via rest-dev <rest-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know that there has been a lot of discussion around the version 3.2 proposal that I posted, but I don’t believe I’ve seen anything that would 100% keep us from pursuing this.   The devil is in the details as always, but we likely won’t know for sure until we get started.

Reviewing the responses I see the following responses from Jakarta REST Committers:
  • 8 :  +1 votes (including me)
  • 1 :  +0 votes
So, unless any committers wish to change their votes, I think we should formally get started.

Also,  there have been a couple changes in the formal Jakarta EE11 plan that affect us (

  • The release review date for Wave 5 (which currently includes Jakarta REST) has been moved from 2024-02-29 to 2024-03-29.   This will likely still be aggressive, but maybe not impossible?
  • The min. Java version supported for EE11 has been moved to Java 17  ("Each Wave 1 - 5 component spec has an impl that passes its TCK on Java SE 17 and an impl that passes its TCK on Java SE 21. These need not be the same impl.) . So the Jakarta REST 3.2 TCK will need to support both Java 17 and Java 21.

Santiago,  you had stated previously that your time to work on this will be limited.  Assuming we go ahead with this I am willing to help out as needed.

What needs to be done (please add to this list if I’ve missed something):

This is just for clarification sake. I assume here with "CDI deprecation" you mean @Context deprecation. Also a +1 for removing the Jakarta Concurrency integration.
  • Create a release-3.2 branch.   Copy the release-4.0 branch and removing changes that removed @Context,  or possibly copy master and add PRs for any changes that need to be moved forward. 
Looking at the history, I'm not sure which the cleanest approach would be. The release-4.0 branch seems to mostly be component upgrades, but there are definitely some other important commits too. However, it looks like it's missing two commits

That said, the master branch is in a weird state too. It's still set to a version of 3.1.0, which isn't great. If you build it locally you could corrupt your local maven repository.

I've got no strong opinion on which way it goes TBH. 

This is a lot to do and still a short time to do it.   So there are 3 discussion points that I see (maybe more):
  1. Do you feel this is worth pursuing for EE-11 given the time-line?
  2. Are you in a position to contribute to this?  At a minimum dedicate time to review PRs, contribute to discussions, etc..
  3. Do you feel that this 3.2 version, with a deprecated @Context injection, should be pursued for EE-12 if EE-11 is not possible? Or, in that case, should we just go with Jakarta REST-4.0 with @Conext removed rather than pushing a 3.2 version in EE-12?
I can definitely contribute to this effort. I feel like the TCK will take some time if we want to add new tests for CDI support. However, I don't feel it's impossible and I'm willing to help in any way I can.

As to whether or not this is EE 11 or EE 12, I've got no strong opinion. I do think it would be very nice for users to see that @Context is deprecated in more than a note in the specification and a note on the JavaDoc. That's just my personal opinion :)


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