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[rest-dev] Jakarta Rest 3.2?

The purpose of this note is to gauge the interest within the Jakarta Rest community for a RESTful Web Services version 3.2.


The primary impetus for this proposed version would be to deliver a version where @Context injection is formally deprecated.   This would require an alternative implementation and all of the corresponding API and TCK changes/additions, but would not remove backward compatibility for current users.    The current plan for Jakarta Rest 4.0 introduces a breaking change by removing @Context injection .   While 4.0 should still focus on that and I’m aware that both the 3.1 specification and Javadoc for the Context class indicate that it will be removed in a “future release”, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be a good idea to formally deprecate this first, allowing users to see the deprecation warnings and prepare.


In addition, at this point it would seem that the likelihood of Jakarta Rest-4.0’s inclusion in Jakarta EE11 is tenuous at best, so producing a more limited 3.2 Version, that still has value add, might be more of a realistic goal along with easing the eventual transition to tighter integration with CDI.



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