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Re: [rest-dev] Drop Minimum Java Requirement to Java 17

JAX-RS 4 will be a breaking change, so consumers need to modify their source code anyways. Hence I do not see why it should be a problem to also step up from 17 to 21 for those projects. So I'm still -1 for falling back to 17. I am +-0 for a multi-platform jar containing binaries compiled for both, 17 and 21, as a compromise. Note that the TCK MUST be compiled exactly to 21 anyways, still (, and that the same document says that downstreams MUST be compiled to a higher JDK level if needed, not vice versa.



Von: James Perkins [mailto:jperkins@xxxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 13. Dezember 2023 01:01
An: Markus Karg
Cc: Jakarta Rest project developer discussions
Betreff: Re: [rest-dev] Drop Minimum Java Requirement to Java 17


From what I've heard from co-workers that have been to conferences, users are not moving to Java 21 any time soon. Most are moving on Java 11 and may be moving to Java 17. I have no hard evidence on this, but I think we can attest to how slow companies are to pick up new Java versions :)


I would also argue that Quarkus and MicroProfile are pretty heavily used as well and those are not Jakarta EE so to speak. Granted, they don't have to upgrade to Jakarta REST 4.0, however that is my argument about adoption.


Note that currently in the API we use nothing Java 21 specific.


On Tue, Dec 12, 2023 at 3:10 PM Markus Karg <markus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I do not see that 21-LTS is a real showstopper for SeBootstrap adoption since there is no good reason to stick with older LTS releases (are there known incompatibilities?).

Most JAX-RS applications are running in the Jakarta EE environment anyways.

We should not limit ourself due to edge cases without a real need, but instead follow the SE release cycle as closely as we can, so we have full choice to use latest language features and API if we want to.

Hence I am -1 for fallingback to 17.




Von: rest-dev [mailto:rest-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] Im Auftrag von James Perkins via rest-dev
Gesendet: Dienstag, 12. Dezember 2023 22:27
An: rest-dev
Cc: James Perkins
Betreff: [rest-dev] Drop Minimum Java Requirement to Java 17


Hello All,

In PR 1168 [1] we updated the minimum JDK level to 21. With the exception of concurrency, the Jakarta REST spec is the only other individual spec not having a minimum requirement of Java 17. When the vote was made for Jakarta REST 4.0, the level then was Java 17. I'm not sure if upgrading should have technically required a revote or not, but just pointing that out.


I realize the platform specs themselves are going to require Java 21. However, there is no requirement that any other specs need to require Java 21. IMO requiring Java 21 is going to limit adoption of the Jakarta REST spec outside of Jakarta EE 11. There are other projects, even SeBootstrap, that use the Jakarta REST spec outside of a Jakarta EE container. A big one consumer are the MicroProfile specs and implementations.


Could we consider dropping the minimum back to Java 17?





James R. Perkins

JBoss by Red Hat



James R. Perkins

JBoss by Red Hat

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