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Re: [rest-dev] Jakarta REST work for EE 11


Just a reminder that you already have had a plan review for Jakarta RESTful Web Services 4.0. Unless you want to refine the plan, you are all set regarding the May 30 due date for plan reviews.

See details for the plan here:


On Mon, May 22, 2023 at 3:44 PM Jim Krueger <jckofbyron@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I should be in a better position to help out on this in this next several months as well.  Count me in.

> On May 22, 2023, at 8:30 AM, Santiago Pericasgeertsen <santiago.pericasgeertsen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Jakarta REST experts,
> As all of you know, Jakarta EE 11 planning is now underway. We are being asked to create a PR on the specifications repo and get the work started on the new API. Our current plan, which seems to align very nicely with the EE platform goals, is to make changes to the REST API and specification to better integrate with CDI, as a way to simplify our "injection strategy" and also to better integrate with other specifications.
> Unfortunately, it is unlikely I will be able to commit substantially to this effort before the last couple of months of the year. The purpose of this communication is to __ask for help__ during this period in order to start the work ASAP. I should be able to review parts of the work submitted in the next few months, but will not have the time to create it myself.
> The initial step should be to create at least one GitHub epic from which we can create individual issues for people to investigate. I volunteer to create such an epic and thus help kickstart the new API and spec work.
> Please let us know if you can help. Thanks.
> — Santiago
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Ivar Grimstad

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