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Re: [recommenders-dev] Eclipse set up

Hi Yasset,

let me also thank you for your interest in contributing to Code Recommenders.

Do I have to import the
code-recommenders source code as a separate step? Am I missing something?
This should be done automatically as part of the Oomph setup. Keep in mind, that the setup is performed in two steps.
First, the Eclipse IDE is provisioned. It is then started. Then a series of startup tasks is performed, including checking out the Code Recommenders source and importing them as projects. Thus, when the provisioned Eclipse IDE starts, you will not see any projects at first.
Have a look in Eclipse's bottom status toolbar. You should see two rotating arrows along with the message "Executing startup tasks".

Check that this is the case. If so, click on the arrows.

A progress windows appears,

telling you the progress of the setup tasks. Wait until the tasks are finished (this can take up to an hour). If you still don't see any projects and/or the progress window shows errors, please copy the log and post it here again.

Unrelated to this problem: I've noticed that you selected "HTTPS (read-only, anonymous, gerrit)" for "Recommenders Git or Gerrit repository".
While this allows you to checkout and work with the Code Recommenders source code, it won't enable you to push any contributions you're doing.
If you intend to do so, select "HTTPS (read-write, gerrit)" as detailed in our about page: http://git.eclipse.org/c/recommenders/org.eclipse.recommenders.git/about/

I hope this helps you to get to work with the Code Recommenders sources.

Please let us know how it goes.


Andreas Sewe schrieb:
Hi Yasett,

My  name is Yasett and I want to become a contributor to Eclipse Code
Recommenders (and also other Eclipse projects, once I have more
experience ;) )

great. Have a look at the bugs marked with helpwanted on our Bugzilla
[1]. If one of them looks interesting to you, please report back on this
list so that we can point you in the right direction.

So far, I have followed the instructions in this link:
After I installed Eclipse Oomph, the Eclipse version that launched did
not have any projects on the Workspace. Do I have to import the
code-recommenders source code as a separate step? Am I missing something?

We'll look into this.

Best wishes,



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