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Re: [recommenders-dev] [GSOC 2013] SnipEditor Weekly Report

Hi Marcel,

The project is a bundle project which has almost all defined plugins added as required-bundle. But it fails to resolve the SWT types like Button, SWT, Label etc.
Because it's declared as a plug-in project with a dependency to SWT, I expect it to be able to resolve SWT classes. Maybe I'm wrong here?

As far as I know it should. I can't give you an answer at this moment. I did not find the project in that repository though. If I try to access the repository via the browser I get a 404 Not Found error, and when cloning it I only get the snippets, the MANIFEST.MF and an empty src folder. Anyway, I will try to reproduce the scenario and see what happens.

in the meanwhile you have three repositories. Some of them have a test branch and a master. Is there any reason why you don't work on a single repository and on the master branch? It's a bit confusing and changes are hard to find if you change your patterns that often.

Can you make your changes into SnipEditor master branch please?

I used the master branch to keep a more stable build, which sometimes turned out to be a pretty good back-up, and the Test branch to push frequent changes. And, as I separated the project in two and changed the names, I moved it to a different repository (I don't think I had a good reason to do this).I will keep the changes in one branch from now on.

As for the error, I've seen it as well recently and I am going to take a look at it in the following days. 

Best Regards,