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Re: [recommenders-dev] [GSOC 2013] SnipEditor Weekly Report

Hi Stefan,

sounds promising. I added the snippets I used to Gerrit: https://git.eclipse.org/r/#/c/16206/ Can you check out this change-set and see if you can parse these snippets properly?

Note that the snippet format changed a bit: You may consider using /snipmatch-org.eclipse.recommenders.snipmatch.rcp/src/org/eclipse/recommenders/snipmatch/Snippet.java for deserializing the snippets instead of using the old Effect class.


On Sep 7, 2013, at 10:06 PM, stefan.prisca@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

This is the weekly report for the snipeditor:
What was planned:
-> implement type computation for the other template variables and continue implementing the remaining syntax
-> add functionality to the metadata page of the snipeditor (allow user to edit the fields)
-> test the syntax with java templates to ensure it works.
What was accomplished:
->all of the syntax is supported; The expressions can be found here [1].
-> most of these expressions should be resolved to the correct type. There still are some that do not work properly in certain situations, e.g.  ${cursor} is only treated as an object, so the following will produce an "Unable to cast Object to boolean" error : if(${cursor}){}.  I tried to set the type to void but in this case the error would change to "Unable to cast Void to boolean".
-> I’ve added a small (nasty looking) pop-up that allows the search phrases to be edited and the types used in the snippet are available. Note that at the moment it displays all types that were computed (including the code snippet itself) and sometimes does not work.  The interface can be seen here [2].
What the plan for the next week is:
-> try to compute types for elements like ${cursor} based on the context. e.g.: for the _expression_ if(${cursor}){}, ${cursor} should be treated as a Boolean.
-> try to add content assist to jFace variables like ${array}.
-> make the type section of the metadata page work properly and set up a nicer dialog to edit the fields in search patterns.
Best Regards,
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