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[platform-webdav-dev] Re: [platform-team-dev] What are the Platform plans for Team/FTP?


At the current time, the FTP/WebDAV plugins are not being actively developed or maintained and there is currently no plan for this to change (although interest and involvement by other Eclipse projects would go a long way in changing this). The page at the following link describes how to access all the plugins that are found in the FTP/WebWAV feature:


Just to summarize what is in this feature:

1) A WebDAV client and an FTP client that are plugins but have minimal dependencies on other plugins
2) A provisional target management API that has bindings for both WebDAV and FTP
3) Some UI and advanced funtionality that is built on top of the provisional API

The key to the success of points 2 and 3 is having production quality implementations for FTP and WebDAV (point 1). We (the Team/CVS team) have not had enough manpower to justify this effort. Many people have expresed an interest in these plugisn but, up until now, there has been no committment from an Eclipse project to dedicate resources to these plugins (or identify suitable alternatives that can be used by Eclipse).

In regards to point 2, In 3.2, the org.eclipse.core.filesystem plugin was introduced. This API is similar in many respects to the provisional target API. Moving forward, this should be the API that is used for managing remote files (i.e. we don't want two APIs that do roughly the same thing). The added advantage is that Resources plugin using the EFS as the file system for workspace projects.

In regards to point 3, we didn't have much time in 3.2. to dedicate to EFS related UI. I suspect EFS related UI pieces will start to appear from various places in 3.3.

As for the ECF, I was not aware they had an FTP client and I can't find any information on their site but I will follow up with them to get more information. As for joining forces, I think that would be great.


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[platform-team-dev] What are the Platform plans for Team/FTP?


The DSDP-Target Management Project deals with connecting to remote
and working on them through a variety of protocols. Some of our clients
are also interested in FTP. See http://www.eclipse.org/dsdp/tm

I was wondering what the Platform's plans are for the Team/Extras FTP
component. I looked at the sources that come with the 3.2rc3 Team/Extras
package, and all APIs are declared provisional. I couldn't even find
the plugin in the Platform CVS Repository to see when latest changes
have been made and who is working on it.

So, I hope to get some answers on this mailing list -
* Whom can I contact regarding Team/FTP?
* What are the plans going forward?

It might make sense to join forces. Our project is working on common
protocol abstractions, including data transfer; Eclipse Communication
Framework (ECF) also did an FTP implementation, see


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