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[platform-ui-dev] CodeMining and bugs to fix

Hi all,

Eclipse Photon provides now CodeMining feature, it works well (according feedback that I have with JDT CodeMining) but it is not perfect, several bugs was created and all thoses bugs concern several issues:

 * 1) MacOS renderer is bad. Hope will be merged.
 * 2) redraw of character where GlyphMetrics is added (to takes place) causes some problem, See issue 

This redraw character issue provides problem when you try to select the character (you cannot), when character is selected, it is not well colorized, etc.

Here some bugs:


IMHO I think this bug is important, but it requires changed of TextLayout for each OS. I have done a quick gerrit patch for Windows OS, but I need to test the behaviour with inlined annotation. As it's an hard issue, I'm waiting for to check that there will have a chance that some people will work on this issue (Karsten has started to study thi sissue for MacOS, but what about with Linux OS?)

If I'm sure that we will have an implementation for each TextLayout OS, I will work to avoid redrawing the character where Glyphmetrics is added and it will fix a lot of issues.

 * 3) Line Text height. I think more and more we should have a StyledText  #getLineTextHeight(int line) to retrieve the line text height (in other words the line height - the inlined annotation line header height

Here some bugs


@Mickael is there any chance that we could work together on this issue?

 * 4) refactor bug


Regard's Angelo

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