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[platform-ui-dev] I'm moving into Consulting.

Hello Folks,

I've been contributing to SWT/Linux for 4 years, I helped shape up Gtk3 support (like drag and drop etc) and implemented the webkit2 port which was needed for Eclipse to work on newer Linux distros.

I'm now moving from Software Engineering into Consulting (still at Red Hat). While I won't be actively working on bug fixes in Eclipse, I will be using Eclipse on Linux to write java applications for container deployment and I will continue to advertise Eclipse's awesomeness to all of the customers that I will be working with (Most major Canadian banks, telecommunication companies etc..).

I might not be as attentive to bugzilla traffic (cc'ing me might not be enough to get my attention), but I'll respond to direct email about any of my patches or will be quite happy to provide consultations (he he) on areas that I focused on (webkit2gtk etc..).

Thank you for all your work in making Eclipse such a great IDE, it's been great working with you guys. Let's keep it up!

Special thanks goes to my technical lead Aleks Kurtakov who taught me the art of Eclipse, my managers Martha Benitez and Sopot Cela for providing me with water and helping me grow, Lars Vogel for being Lars Vogel, Jeff & Roland for helping me out when help was needed and my colleague Eric Williams with whom I've had many interesting and intellectually-stimulating debates (in a mix of English and German) about the most important things in Software Engineering, for example proper Javadoc formatting and when to use/not use curly brackets. (#Sarcasm,  #I_like_offending_people_who_easily_get_offended).

Thanks for all the fish. 

🐟 🐠  🐬

Leo Ufimtsev, Software Engineer, Red Hat

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