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[platform-ui-dev] build submission for I20100422-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 208910. [CommonNavigator] Drag and Drop in Project Explorer does not use LTK move (FIXED)
+ Bug 213448. [CommonNavigator] Linking open editors with content in Project Explorer not working on restart (FIXED)
+ Bug 261031. [CommonNavigator] IPipelinedContentProvider getParent() returning the suggested parent is not ignored (FIXED)
+ Bug 274198. [CommonNavigator] Intermittent test failure deleting a file during tearDown (FIXED)
+ Bug 292427. [CommonNavigator] LinkEditorAction reacts to its own selection (FIXED)
+ Bug 302132. [Tools] NPE when to create a UI Presentation (NEW)
+ Bug 302277. [LinkedResources] Linked Resources properties page: 'Convert' button is dangerous (FIXED)
+ Bug 302441. [LinkedResources][CommonNavigator] When to show "Files and Folders Operation" dialog on drop (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 303691. [CommonNavigator] ResourceDropAdapterAssistant won't accept drop target of viewer input (FIXED)
+ Bug 307405. [CommonNavigator] Deadlock in NavigatorContentServiceContentProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 308657. [DBCS3.6]: TC:SUSE - Edit chart window is truncated (NEW)
+ Bug 309837. [Workbench] Improve startup performance by fixing the cache for feature ini's (FIXED)
+ Bug 309851. [CommonNavigator] Navigating to Project Explorer causes an NPE (FIXED)
+ Bug 309996. Dialog on drop should indent dependent UI elements (FIXED)
+ Bug 309997. Duplicate mnemonics on Linked Resources preference page (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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