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[platform-ui-dev] Bug in Navigator Framework and Fix

Hi all,

hope it is fine, when I post this issue here...

I had a problem with the Common Navigator Framework. I have debugged the system in detail and also read the documentation. I feel that there is a bug and may be I also have a fix for that.

The problem occurs when overriding another navigator content extension. The NavigatorContentProvider is not invoked although according to the documentation it should.
Enclosed the an excerpt of the plugin.xml:

            name="Model Repository Content"



When debugging the the code a got the feeling that the wrong OverridePolicy is checked. When I replace InvokeAlwaysRegardlessOfSuppressedExt by InvokeOnlyIfSuppressedExtAlsoVisibleAndActive everything works fine (as shown).

private boolean isOverridingExtensionInSet(INavigatorContentDescriptor aDescriptor, Set theEnabledExtensions) {

if (aDescriptor.getSuppressedExtensionId() != null /*
 * The descriptor is
 * an override
 * descriptor
&& aDescriptor.getOverridePolicy() == OverridePolicy.InvokeOnlyIfSuppressedExtAlsoVisibleAndActive) {
 * if the policy is set as such, it can lead to this extension being
 * invoked twice; once as a first class extension, and once an
 * overriding extension.
if (theEnabledExtensions.contains(contentService.getExtension(aDescriptor.getOverriddenDescriptor()))) {
return true;
return false;

Do I misunderstand something or am I right?!?

Kind regards,

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