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Re: [platform-ui-dev] bug moving begins in earnest....


When I started moving some of the old bugs, I started with high hopes of closing quite a few bugs. But I found that many of the old ones were either platform specific, or required more than a cursory knowledge of the component. I tried a few steps and made annotations where I could, but overall it was pretty laborious to context switch across components as Markus mentioned.

It might be worth having the occasional "kill the old bugs day" where component owners are all focused on trying to close the ones that are truly fixed or no longer valid. For that matter, we could get the community involved in trying to replicate old bugs and commenting on their status. Sometimes a simple ping of "this is still true" or "I don't think this is valid anymore" on a bug will be enough to get the component owner to take another look.

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Francis wrote on 2009-07-11 06:28:24:

> Furthermore, wrt to old bugs I think it's best that the component owners

> are the ones that look at these and decide what to do with them, as they

> will most easily be able to understand and reproduce them.  I think
> the triage person do this is not a good use of their time.

I fully agree. It is a boring task, but over all, it's more efficient if
the component owner (or a subordinate) makes a pass over old bugs
component-wise. This saves quite a few mental context switches and setup
overhead, since all the bugs belong to the same component. And without
further tool support, it's the best way to find duplicates and mark them
as such.

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