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[platform-ui-dev] bug moving begins in earnest....

Hi, everyone.
Today while I was triaging the inbox, I decided to update the bugs in the components that I own to use the new triage process [1]. Boris noticed the noise and asked me if I would try to reassign the bugs belonging to former team members using the new guidelines.

I went through each component and reassigned any bugs belonging to former team members (Karice, Tod, Kim) to platform-ui-triaged, and updated the QA contact to whomever is listed in the component areas list.

I *did not* update bugs that had owners who are still around, even if it seemed that the bugs were assigned to the wrong person. I also did not attempt to update everyone's assigned bugs to use the new process.

There are still bugs assigned to Tod and Kim that did not show up in the component searches (mistyped component areas, etc.). Since these require visiting each bug, it's going to take longer to reassign them. But I'll be doing a few each day as part of my time spent on triage.

It can be daunting to say the least to look at a list of all the bugs you own to determine if they should really belong to you.
Instead, I suggest everyone take a look at the components they own in the component areas list [2]. Viewing your bugs by component will make it easy for you to spot if something is assigned incorrectly.



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