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[platform-ui-dev] 3.5.1

Integration builds towards 3.5.1 have started, and it is time for us to at plan which bugs we want to fix for 3.5.1. The maintenance release will be in September, which means that we will need to start locking down around the end of August. This gives us roughly six weeks of time for 3.5.1. bug fixing.

For those who are busy with e4 (or otherwise), please make sure that you don't leave any major bugs until the last minute. Also, take into account that due to summer vacations, you sometimes need to allocate extra time to coordinate changes that affect more than one team.

As for the process of getting fixes into the 3.5.1 stream, I would like to see every patch reviewed by a second committer, and please cc me on all bugs targeted for 3.5.1.


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