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[platform-ui-dev] documenting things

Hey all,

I'm trying to learn databinding; I'm working in release 3.4.2, and the only documentation I can find is the Wiki.

This is not really that helpful to me, as the Wiki is for the current release, which is quite a bit different than 3.4.2 (as near as I can tell).

I'm also a bit disturbed that there seems to be a culture in Platform UI about documenting things in the Wiki, rather than in the actual product documentation (the ISV guide). I really don't think it serves our clients for two reasons:

1) The correct version is not captured (as related in my comment above)
2) People should not be expected to try to find stuff in the Wiki, I know when I need help the first place I go to is the product's help. That's where the most complete and accurate information should go.

I know it take some extra effort to do this, but it's really not all that bad, and it *will really* help out our clients. Our stuff is hard enough to use even when well documented.



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