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[platform-ui-dev] Filtering Menu Items with Activities

In my RCP product I'm trying to filter out some of the core main menu
items, such as "Customize Perspective".  I've tried numerous
activityPatternBinding patterns and I can get *most* of the undesired
elements removed with "org\.eclipse\.ui\..*" but this unfortunately
removes things like the "Exit" menu item.  I've tried many other
pattern bindings to attempt to get finer control, but none of them
remove anything.  For example "org\.eclipse\.ui/.*",
"org\.eclipse\.ui\.[a-zA-Z]*", "org\.eclipse\.ui.*/.*" all have no
effect.  I've also tried all possible plugin ids (such as workbench,
ide, etc.) in a format such as "org\.eclipse\.ui\.workbench/.*" to no

How do I figure out the proper IDs to use for these menu items.
Specifically I want to remove
  Window -> New Window
  Window -> Customize Perspective...
  Window -> Save Perspective As...
  Window -> Close Perspective
  Window -> Close All Perspectives
  Window -> Preferences
  Edit -> Add Bookmark
  Edit -> Add Task
  File -> Switch Workspace


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