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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Need more M6 testing

We should probably all use the Project Explorer view instead of the
Package Explorer view for a while. They are pretty close in
functionality now.


2009/3/11 Boris Bokowski <Boris_Bokowski@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Looking at the list of bugs (191!) we fixed for M6 we should spend more time
> on testing. Any help we can get, especially testing the common navigator,
> would be appreciated.
> We need a solid M6, this build is going to be used widely due to EclipseCon.
> Here is the list:
> High-level overview of features that need testing:
> - Common Navigator (lots of fixes went in). Note that the CN not only
> appears as the Project Explorer view in the SDK, but also in the Synchronize
> view, and in the wizard for setting up a new synchronization.
> - Multi-instance Properties view (new)
> - Workspaces property page, under General > Startup and Shutdown (new)
> - Open Type (Ctrl+T) and Open Resource (Ctrl+R) (bug fixes)
> - Extensible About dialog with p2 tabs (new)
> - status handling a.k.a. error dialog (several bug fixes)
> In particular, do we know any downstream clients of the common navigator
> personally? Could we get them to test their use cases, ideally today, using
> a recent build? I20090311-0100 had a compile error, but I20090311-0800 is
> looking good so far.
> In addition to any outside help we may get, I would like everyone on the
> team to do more testing today and tomorrow. If you are busy preparing for
> EclipseCon you are exempt.
> Thanks!
> Boris
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