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Re: [platform-ui-dev] resource navigator

To be clear, the common navigator is not just a framework, but a view that can be used to replace the resource navigator in RCP apps that use it?


Dave Orme

On Wed, Feb 4, 2009 at 11:45 PM, Francis Upton <francisu@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am proud to be the new component owner for the resource navigator (RN - org.eclipse.ui.views.navigator) and want to use the position to bring it to an orderly death.

At this point, I think the common navigator (CNF - org.eclipse.ui.navigator) does pretty much everything done by the RN (one of the last major pieces was the just completed go into).  There might be a couple more odds and ends, and I will check on all of the functionality, but certainly by M6 the CNF will be a superset of the RN.

I propose that we deprecate the RN for the 3.5 release.  This means that we deprecate the API classes, and that we remove the RN view from the Show Views menu (alternatively we can leave the Navigator menu item ni the show views but have it just create a Project Explorer).

To gain community support for this, I will make this proposal on my blog, cross-platform-dev, and the platform newsgroup to see if people have objections or issues with this.

I will also go through all of the existing bugs on the RN and either close them as wont fix or move then to the CNF if they make sense there.

When I mentioned this to Eric, he thought of one possible issue was getting access to manipulate raw resources with out interference from JDT UI for example.  You could use the RN for this purpose.  You can also easily do this with the Project Explorer by turning off the Java content in that little menu on the top right (anyone know what those little menus are called?).

If anyone has any objection to this, or further questions, please let me know.

If I don't hear anything in a couple of days, I will begin my evil plan.


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