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[platform-ui-dev] Please reopen bogusly closed bug 153809 (Copy / Cut on Linux is very flakey with 3.2)


since more then two years there exists a nasty bug report 153809
"Copy / Cut on Linux is very flakey with 3.2"
This bug was bogusly marked as

Status:   RESOLVED
Resolution:   WORKSFORME 

nevertheless it still exists and is for EVERYONE reproducable. Currently
10 people are CC:ed to this report and there are 9 votes for it so you see
that it is considered as an imporant one.

Please could someone with the proper permissions reopen this bug? There
were already multiple requests like this in the 35 comments (and in
comments of duplicates) which probably got ignored because of the bug
status. Please let's get rid of it!


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