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AW: [platform-ui-dev] Possible Platform contributions from g-Eclipse

Hi Boris,

> I will try to attend your short talk at EclipseCon,
> and yes we should talk about this.

Sounds good to me. Even if you do not find the time to attend the talk
we can have a discussion afterwards containing a private demonstration
if wished.

> Can you also post to the equinox-dev mailing list?

I will...

> CoreException is defined in org.eclipse.equinox.common, and at least
> parts of what you describe seem to be independent of being on the UI
> thread.

Yes, you're right.

> Please keep in mind that we may not accept code contributions unless
> you sign up for its long-term maintenance (see
> microsoft.html).

Ok, also something we can talk about at the EclipseCon, right?!

Cheers, Mathias

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