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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Possible Platform contributions from g-Eclipse

Hi Mathias,

I will try to attend your short talk at EclipseCon, and yes we should
talk about this.  Can you also post to the equinox-dev mailing list?
CoreException is defined in org.eclipse.equinox.common, and at least
parts of what you describe seem to be independent of being on the UI

Please keep in mind that we may not accept code contributions unless
you sign up for its long-term maintenance (see


Boris Bokowski
Platform UI committer
IBM Rational Software, Ottawa Lab

2008/2/26 Stuempert, Mathias IWR <mathias.stuempert@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> The g-Eclipse team ( thinks about
> contributing its problem reporting mechanism (and maybe a few other things)
> to the platform itself.

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