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[platform-ui-dev] Platform UI build submission for I20071218-0800

Bug 97645. [Content Types] Add... button in File Associations section yields "New File Type" dialog (FIXED)
Bug 173752. [About] Sorting column with Jar signing info in about plugins dialog not working (FIXED)
Bug 186800. [Trim] Provide public API to re-layout Trim contents (FIXED)
Bug 188333. [Viewers] Label provider for multi-colored TableItems/TreeItems (FIXED)
Bug 212408. [Markers] Markers updating during inconsistent state (FIXED)
Bug 212724. [Markers] 'Group By' is useless in Bookmarks view in SDK (FIXED)
Bug 212832. [Markers] Second problems views not updated on selection (FIXED)
Bug 212901. [QuickAccess] spurious empty roll-over tooltips (FIXED)
Bug 213014. [Markers] New view doesn't rank fatal errors first any longer when sorting per Java type (FIXED)
Bug 213040. [Markers] Selected filters not being kept on restart (FIXED)
Bug 213166. [Viewers] Problems with OwnerDrawLabelProvider.setUpOwnerDraw (FIXED)

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