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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20071211-1300

Bug 198211. [DataBinding] ComputedValue invokes doGetValue outside realm when adding a change listener (FIXED)
Bug 212663. [QuickAccess] Roll-over tooltip too wide (FIXED)
Bug 212724. [Markers] 'Group By' is useless in Bookmarks view in SDK (REOPENED)
Bug 212725. [Markers] Tasks views completion entry needs to be wider (FIXED)
Bug 212728. [Markers] New Tasks view not showing completion icon (FIXED)
Bug 212729. [Markers] 'Open Another' is inconsistent label (FIXED)
Bug 212730. [Markers] New Problems view must not have Contents > All (NEW)
Bug 212731. [Markers] New marker views: Show is actualy Filter (FIXED)
Bug 212733. [Markers] Problem view no longer updates when changing the visible marker limit (NEW)

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