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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20071016-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 151204. [Progress] Blocked status of jobs are not applied/reported
+ Bug 155436. [IDE] Project>Clean dialog should not use a question-mark
icon (FIXED)
+ Bug 157511. [Preferences] FileFieldEditor should have a constructor
allowing the validation strategy to be set (FIXED)
+ Bug 162505. [Markers] DCR: Make MarkerView API (to support client
feedback view) (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 167191. [Markers] Add icon support for marker groupings (FIXED)
+ Bug 172000. [Wizards] WizardNewFileCreationPage should support
overwriting existing resources (FIXED)
+ Bug 172734. [PropertiesDialog]
PropertyDialogAction.isApplicableForSelection does not consider if the page
is applicable (FIXED)
+ Bug 173995. [Progress] Switch progress monitoring to asyncExec (FIXED)
+ Bug 175606. [Decorators] ConcurrentModificationException during
DecorationScheduler$3.setUpUpdates (FIXED)
+ Bug 179789. [Progress] [RCP] Progress Service Dialog requires a call to
the progress service (FIXED)
+ Bug 183218. [Model] Unused parameter / field in
DeferredTreeContentManager (FIXED)
+ Bug 186823. [Wizards] New Project Wizard has colliding mnemonics (FIXED)
+ Bug 192996. [Workbench] Reduce amount of garbage created by HeapStatus
+ Bug 194825. IconAndMessage dialog has an inconsistent margin (FIXED)
+ Bug 197171. OpenActionMarker has unused optimization (FIXED)
+ Bug 199337. [key binding][preferences] TemplatePreferencePage has
Hard-Coded Content Assist Trigger (FIXED)
+ Bug 201664. [Markers] Problems view's "Show items of type" filter does
not work correctly (FIXED)
+ Bug 202735. [DataBinding] Add tests for IObservable.dispose() to
conformance tests (FIXED)
+ Bug 204581. [Preferences] Filtered tree doesn't update font and size
+ Bug 205058. [Markers] Tasks had no filters for description, completion
and priority (FIXED)
+ Bug 205194. [ErrorHandling] [StatusHandling] StatusAdapter needs Action
and Explanation constants (FIXED)
+ Bug 205248. [Databinding] Observables on Text with FOCUS_OUT event
incorrectly notify with no change (FIXED)
+ Bug 205541. view becomes non-responsive after fastview/close/open in two
perspectives (FIXED)
+ Bug 205869. [Markers] org.eclipse.ui.ide does not compile due to usage of
Java 6 APIs (FIXED)
+ Bug 205923. [Viewers] Javadoc for setAllChecked() does not mention that
only visible items are checked (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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