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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20070511-0010

I almost forgot to do it, it's such an unusual time for an I build...

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 118028. [Commands] misc: Many identical entries in 'Uncategorized' (FIXED)
+ Bug 174806. [Import/Export] setupSelectionsBasedOnSelectedTypes() casts to IResource (FIXED)
+ Bug 178397. [StatusHandling] View with an error opens an error dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 178987. [Min./Max] Unchecking the 'Fast View' menu entry causes floating TB's (FIXED)
+ Bug 180565. [StatusHandling] [BiDi] Stacktrace "Details" text area should always be LTR (FIXED)
+ Bug 180758. [IDE] Deleting a project but not the contents asks if you want to delete read-only files (FIXED)
+ Bug 184012. [Win32] Failure in IEditorRegistryTest: testGetImageDescriptor (FIXED)
+ Bug 184346. [Viewers]Double-Click-Activation not working on Linux-Gtk (FIXED)
+ Bug 184441. [Viewers] Wrong selection event on change visible working sets (FIXED)
+ Bug 184688. org.eclipse.ui.dialogs.SearchPattern has a few painful glitches (FIXED)
+ Bug 185150. [KeyBindings] Do not allow duplicate key bindings (FIXED)
+ Bug 185551. [KeyBindings] [KeyBindings] New Keys pref page: should have useful secondary sort order (FIXED)
+ Bug 185570. [Min/Max] Maximized Views show restored state on restart (FIXED)
+ Bug 185663. [Trim] 3.0 presentation: Minimised stack restore button doesn't work (FIXED)
+ Bug 185824. [QuickAccess] CamelCase algorithm needs to be better (FIXED)
+ Bug 185841. Colour treatement of active non-focus tabs (FIXED)
+ Bug 186178. [QuickAccess] Text not shown on selected item. (FIXED)
+ Bug 186203. [ActionSets] Undead tooltips in customize perspective dialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 186218. [RCP] 'WorkbenchWindowConfigurerTest' failing on all platforms (FIXED)
+ Bug 186423. [Themes] Reduce Palette shouldn't use TITLE_BACKGROUND_GRADIENT (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:


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