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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission: I20070313-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 149193. [Viewers] JFace Table and Tree Viewers need to handle
SWT events in an extensible way (FIXED)
+ Bug 154100. Platform level proxy settings (NEW)
+ Bug 154130. [KeyBindings] Finish re-work of commands and key bindings (NEW)
+ Bug 154523. [Viewers] Needless API function in ViewerLabelProvider (FIXED)
+ Bug 155884. Remove columnIndices from ViewerLabelProviders (FIXED)
+ Bug 156109. [Viewers] Javadocs of ViewerLabel, ViewerLabelProvider,
etc. should tell about null values (FIXED)
+ Bug 157174. [Viewers] Refactor new Viewer API (FIXED)
+ Bug 161312. [Presentations] Intro broken with the 3.3 presentation (FIXED)
+ Bug 166465. [Undo] NPE in undo code when deleting folder and subfolder (FIXED)
+ Bug 167619. [Undo] 'Undo Delete Resources' should not be available
after full project deletion (FIXED)
+ Bug 170071. [Undo] Undo deleting *.properties file sets explicit
encoding (FIXED)
+ Bug 171149. [Contributions] Convert platform actions to the new
menus API (NEW)
+ Bug 171612. [Viewers] Breaking API change: DecoratingLabelProvider
no longer extends LabelProvider (NEW)
+ Bug 172294. [FieldAssist] [ControlDecoration] API - Decoration does
not disappear inside a closed section (FIXED)
+ Bug 173051. [Contributions] separator with no name causes startup
exception (FIXED)
+ Bug 173052. [Contributions] CommandContributionItem does not show
keybinding (FIXED)
+ Bug 173576. [Contributions] menus toolbar element does not support
visibleWhen (FIXED)
+ Bug 174580. [Progress] Progress user dialog not resizeable (FIXED)
+ Bug 174844. [JFace] JFace ToolTip class should support manual
activation (FIXED)
+ Bug 175098. [Viewers] Should be possible to override TooltipSupport (FIXED)
+ Bug 175117. [StatusHandling] Cannot generally plug status support
into ErrorDialogs (FIXED)
+ Bug 175524. API problems in FilteredItemsSelectionDialog (FIXED)
+ Bug 175559. [StatusHandling] Rename handlingHint to style + extra
style value (FIXED)
+ Bug 175606. [Decorators] ConcurrentModificationException during
DecorationScheduler$3.setUpUpdates (REOPENED)
+ Bug 175892. [Contributions] need a way to automatically associate
visible when clauses to user contributed items (FIXED)
+ Bug 176182. [Contributions] Allow the active handler to update the
dropdown menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 176198. [Field Assist] - API - ControlDecoration should provide
mouse events (FIXED)
+ Bug 176408. [Min/Max] Minimizing a ViewStack activates all views (FIXED)
+ Bug 176418. [WorkbenchLauncher] Can't display progress bar on splash
screen (FIXED)
+ Bug 176441. [Markers] NPE while refreshing the problem view (FIXED)
+ Bug 176612. BasicSplashHandler documentation needs clarification (FIXED)
+ Bug 176709. Javadoc warnings in N20070308-0010 (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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