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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission for I20070306

Sorry for the delay in posting.

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 153957. [FastViews] Create Multiple FVB's (ASSIGNED)
+ Bug 154130. [KeyBindings] Finish re-work of commands and key bindings (NEW) + Bug 161312. [Presentations] Intro broken with the 3.3 presentation (NEW)
+ Bug 164677. [EditorMgmt] can we remove IURIEditorInput? (FIXED)
+ Bug 165172. [EFS] FileEditorInput should implement IURIEditorInput (FIXED)
+ Bug 169591. [Common Navigator] Show In fails for editor inputs (FIXED)
+ Bug 172841. [Dialogs] FilteredItemsSelectionDialog should always select first item on update (FIXED) + Bug 173088. [Dialogs] Remove from type selection history action label could be less generic (REOPENED)
+ Bug 173472. [StatusHandling] Dynamic tests for status handlers (FIXED)
+ Bug 173927. [Workbench] Remove the hide/show toolbar entry from the Window menu (FIXED) + Bug 174349. [open type] Open Type dialog should support '<' and ' ' in combination with camel case (FIXED) + Bug 174818. [Viewers]TreeViewer.setSelection(ISelection , false) behaves as TreeViewer.setSelection(ISelection , true) (LATER) + Bug 175228. Opening external files with no registered editor fails (FIXED) + Bug 175545. [Dialogs] Dialog: impossible to turn off double-click resizing (FIXED) + Bug 175596. [StatusHandling] Reference to internal class in StatusManager API (FIXED)
+ Bug 175732. [Mac] Test launch configs no longer finish (NEW)
+ Bug 175952. [WorkbenchLauncher] Incorrect Service ranking for splash StartupMonitor (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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