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[platform-ui-dev] AggregateListBinding

In using the binding framework I have come across the need to bind
multiple lists to one list.  The use case I am using this in is that I
have a tree node whose parent may have a number of different types of

OrgUnit can contain Employees and other OrgUnits.

In my model I have one java.util.List of Employees in OrgUnit and
another List for OrgUnits.  The constructor on my binding looks like

AggregateListBinding(BindSpec bindSpec, IObservableList targetList,
			IObservableList... modelLists)

This is a read only binding since
1) It is hard to tell which List to add the new object to
2) I can just add to a list with a traditional ListBinding

Is this interesting to anyone else?  If it is I can send some diffs up
the proper channels.


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