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[platform-ui-dev] New Min/Max behavior ... Please use

I've just committed a major change in how min/max works in eclipse. This is available through a switch to the "3.3 Presentation (Experimental)" under Preferences -> Appearance...

Platform UI expects to make this presentation the default at the end of M6 so this is a call to all 'dev' folks to start using it so that it's initial issues can be found by 'friendly eyes' before unleashing it on the unsuspecting public. Note that the latest version will only be available as of tomorrow's build (N20070301-0100) so if you're currently using the new presentation please get the newest
version when convenient.

NOTE: There is a known issue with the Intro page so I'd suggest closing it before switching the Presentation. Also it would likely be best to have your perspectrive's in a state where there are no currently maximized or minimized stacks when switching (this is especially true for people who are -already- using the 3.3 Presentation since the persistent state format has changed...).

Bug 153957 is the repository of known issues (they're marked as 'blocking' it) so if you want brownie points you could mark any defects you open against the new behavior as blocking it as well which would help me immensely.

Let me know what you think!!


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