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[platform-ui-dev] [Contributions] New Menu API in 3.3M5

As an additional note to the newsgroup announcement,  in Platform UI
we should not be adding any new actions, but with 3.3M5 we should
create commands+handlers and menu contributions.

Feel free to contact me for help.  Some functionality is not in 3.3M5,
like the text editor story we will work out in 3.3M6.

Paul Webster

---- newsgroup announcement ----

Work in 3.3M5 has firmed up the new Menu Contribution API quite a bit,
and developers on 3.3 can start using it.

It allows command to be placed in menus and toolbars, and separates
the placement of the command (main menu, main toolbar, view menu, etc)
from the command's visibility (when a context is active, when an
action set is active, when an object is selected, etc).

Preliminary examples for using the new *org.eclipse.ui.menus*
extension point are available on the "Menu Item Placement Examples"

This page also has the "Work still to be done in 3.3M6" section.  If
you have any question you can ask them in the eclipse.platform
newsgroup.  It will help if you start your Subject with

As you find bugs, please check existing bugs using this URL: and if you cannot find a matching bug, then
open one with a Summary that starts with [Contributions] against
Eclipse Platform UI at

Please include your version from the about dialog.

Please give us your feedback, as org.eclipse.ui.menus will deprecate
actionSets, editorActions, viewActions, and popupMenus.

Paul Webster
Hi floor.  Make me a sammich! - GIR

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