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[platform-ui-dev] Build submission for I20061017-0800

The map file has been updated for the following Bug changes:
+ Bug 87494. [Undo] Define a consistent, efficient validation strategy for undoable workspace operations (FIXED)
+ Bug 93611. [Viewers] Please refactor TableLayout to behave like standard layout (FIXED)
+ Bug 111887. [EFS] Provide IFileStoreEditorInput (+ impl) for new IFileStore (FIXED)
+ Bug 128386. CloseUnrelatedProjectsAction as API (NEW)
+ Bug 156678. QuickAccess items are unordered (FIXED)
+ Bug 157495. [Viewers] public subclasses of ViewerSorter should be changed to ViewerComparator (FIXED)
+ Bug 157646. [Import/Export] "Import Existing Project" from zip locks file - prevents deletion (FIXED)
+ Bug 157980. 'AbstractSearchDialog': Confusing name (NEW)
+ Bug 158521. [FieldAssist] FieldDecorationRegistry does not obey the contracts for getMaximumDecorationWidth() and getMaximumDecorationHeight() (FIXED)
+ Bug 158778. [Viewers] request for remove(parent, index) API on tree viewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 158960. [PerspectiveBar] Get rid of "Close All Perspectives" in contextual menu (FIXED)
+ Bug 159190. [Viewers] multiple dispose listeners for elements in VIRTUAL tree viewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 159597. [Viewers] getRowPart(Point) behaves differently on Table than on Tree (FIXED)
+ Bug 159600. [Viewers] Tooltips not working on TreeViewer (FIXED)
+ Bug 159918. [Viewers] TreeViewer.setChildCount(...) should preserve selection (FIXED)
+ Bug 160128. Chkpii error in latest build (FIXED)
+ Bug 160153. [Viewers] tableViewer.setUseHashlookup causes wrong selections (FIXED)
+ Bug 160231. [Undo] Operations_undoRedoCommand needs to be translated correctly. (FIXED)
+ Bug 160505. [Viewers]TableLayout available for TreeViewer, ... (FIXED)
+ Bug 160543. [FastViews] View Menu button needs accessible name (FIXED)
+ Bug 160545. IResourceNavigator javadoc errors in build N200610110010 (FIXED)
+ Bug 160659. CCE in ResourceNavigator (FIXED)
+ Bug 160700. [Viewers] Editing backwards compatility (FIXED)
+ Bug 160720. [Undo] - need tracing options to monitor workspace undo history validation (FIXED)
+ Bug 160746. [Workbench] Dangerous use of getActiveShell in the workbench (FIXED)
+ Bug 161037. Compile warnings in N20061014-0010/compilelogs/platform.doc.isv.javadoc.txt (NEW)
+ Bug 161086. [Viewers] performance problem in AbstractTreeViewer.internalExpandToLevel (FIXED)

The following projects have changed:

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