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Re: [platform-ui-dev] JFace Databinding implementation

> DataBindingContext's javadoc requested a consultation with your team
> before
> using and so I am dutifully complying.

Welcome! :-)

> I am a primary coder on an application framework called Core (
>  Part of the framework includes a
> homegrown ui binding architecture that currently binds our business
> objects
> with Swing components.  I am exploring expanding our binding support to
> SWT/JFace/Workbench widgets and noticed your framework.  Since your
> framework looks more robust than ours is currently, I was going to
> experiment with your framework and hopefully provide an ObservableFactory
> and DataBindingFactory that will work with our backend.  I am very
> comfortable working with an alpha api and realize that the framework is a
> moving target.

Cool.  The factory implementations are about to change.  I'm logged in via
web mail right now and don't have access to all my Bugzilla records; Boris
if you're reading this could you provide the bug number where we're
discussing this so that Phil can get a sense for where this is headed?

> Any questions, or did you just want to get a feel for who was
> experimenting
> with the framework?

We're actually about to remove those messages and promote stuff to full
API.  The only major change we're talking about making before announcing
our API is the factory change I mentioned above.

Are you going to be at EclipseWorld?  If so, I'd love to meet you.


Dave Orme

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