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[platform-ui-dev] "opening up" PropertySheetViewer

There are currently a few feature requests (, for allowing users to customize how items are rendered in the PropertySheetViewer. It is probably way too late to get anything included in time for the 3.2 release, but I was hoping it would be possible to open up the viewer for extensions ever so slightly, until a more "formal" extension mechanism may be agreed upon.
The quick work-around would be for the PropertySheetViewer class to change from 'private' to 'public', and the updateEntry() and updatePlus() methods from 'private' to 'protected'. This would allow us to subclass just the viewer, instead of having to clone & maintain our own version of the complete org.eclipse.ui.views plugin (due to the viewer accessing other private org.eclipse.ui.views classes etc.). Is there a way to "fast-track" this change request, so that it may make it in time for 3.2?
Thanks, John

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