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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Reminder: build submission at 4PM


there's no midnight I-build, see


             Tod Creasey                                                   
   >                                                    To 
             Sent by:                  platform-ui-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx         
             platform-ui-dev-b                                          cc 
             g                                                     Subject 
                                       [platform-ui-dev] Reminder: build   
                                       submission at 4PM                   
             26.04.2006 16:01                                              
             Please respond to                                             
             "Eclipse Platform                                             
               UI component                                                
             developers list."                                             

We will be submitting for the midnight I build at 4PM. There will be a
rebuild every 4 hours after that if required. Be sure to add me to the cc
list for any bug you will need a resubmit for until the end of RC2 and
post to the list if you need a rebuild.

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