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[platform-ui-dev] Build Submission: I20060412-2000

The map file has been updated for I20060412-2000.  The following fixes
are included:
+ Bug 2101. [Markers] Need indication of sort order in marker views (1GE6P7W)
+ Bug 58840. [Markers] task list sort order not persisted across sessions
+ Bug 124655. [Markers] can't easily sort Problems view by severity
+ Bug 136450. [Progress] Widget disposed at end of update
+ Bug 136489. [EditorMgmt] Prompt for saving when closing parts, but
Saveable is still held onto by other part

The following projects have changed:
+ org.eclipse.core.commands
+ org.eclipse.ui.ide
+ org.eclipse.ui.workbench

Paul Webster
But I neeeeed tacos! I need them or I will explode!
That happens to me sometimes! - GIR

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