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[platform-ui-dev] Re: Adding and removing Views from an IFolderLayout.

Have you tried calling addPlaceholder() on a folder layout with an ID
containing a wildcard?

If this does not help, it seems that you have a use case that is not
supported by the current API, in which case it would be good if you could
file an enhancement request in bugzilla.

In the future, please use the RCP newsgroup or bugzilla if you have similar


On 4/2/06, Burlock, Craig (SAPOL) <Craig.Burlock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All, I?m a bit stuck.  I?ve got a RCP app in which different views are
> shown based on button selection on another view which is outside of the
> folder.
> Hiding the views within the folder is easy enough because I can find
> reference within the workbench and just hide them.
> My problem is when I try to show new views ? I don?t know how to add them
> my folder layout.  I?ve setup view placeholders within the folder layout
> when I setup my perspective object using the addPlaceholder(String
> method.  It seems that the placeholder is deleted when the corresponding
> view is hidden.

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