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[platform-ui-dev] Adding and removing Views from an IFolderLayout.

Title: Adding and removing Views from an IFolderLayout.

Hi All, Im a bit stuck.  Ive got a RCP app in which different views are shown based on button selection on another view which is outside of the folder.

Hiding the views within the folder is easy enough because I can find their reference within the workbench and just hide them.

My problem is when I try to show new views I dont know how to add them to my folder layout.  Ive setup view placeholders within the folder layout when I setup my perspective object using the addPlaceholder(String viewId) method.  It seems that the placeholder is deleted when the corresponding view is hidden.  Im unable to be certain about this becaise I, not sure how to find the folder layout after its been created within the perspective obejct.

In summary:

* I need to add and remove views to a specific folder layout at various times based on user actions.

* Setting view placeholders within the perspective object works for the first time when the views are added, but after the views have been shown and hidden once, the re-shown views appear in the wrong spot.

* I think I need some way getting access to the FolderLayout object after the perspective object has been created.

Any help would be greatlty appreciated!


Craig Burlock, Analyst Programmer

Information Systems and Technology Services

Applications Branch

Ph: 8204 2593

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