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Re: [platform-ui-dev] Repositioning the main toolbar to the bottom of the screen


You could contribute your toolbar to the status bar would this work?  In 3.2 there will be 'real' support for placing various items in the trim for the workbench but not now.  Also you could use your own WorkbenchWindowAdvisor which can replace the layout of the workbench and place your own (status line for example) toolbar at the bottom of the window?

Normally we suggest you put these types of requests on the news groups as these mailing lists are for developers on the eclipse ui.


"Burlock, Craig (SAPOL)" <Craig.Burlock@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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02/16/2006 04:54 PM

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[platform-ui-dev] Repositioning the main toolbar to the bottom of        the screen

I’m currently developing an Eclipse 3.1.2 RCP touch screen application for the South Australia Police’s patrol cars.  I’ve had success developing a custom presentation factory and a set of custom widgets, but I’ve got just one major outstanding question that I’m having some trouble with.

I need some sort of fixed toolbar at the bottom of the application at all times to allow access to function like “virtual keyboard” etc.  Is there some way of repositioning the main coolbar to appear down at the bottom, above the status line?  A sticky-view type of thing might work if only I could prevent it from being resized (and if I could find some good documentation on sticky views).

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Craig Burlock, Analyst Programmer

South Australia Police

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