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[platform-ui-dev] New JFace support - field assistance

In the latest nightly builds (and thus in M4), you will see the appearance of  a new package, org.eclipse.jface.fieldassist, which was built to address:
[plan item] Improve task assistance in text fields

The package includes support for two somewhat related, but independently implemented, things:
- field decorators - the ability to decorate arbitrary controls with images, including support for a context popup describing the meaning of the decoration.
- content proposal support - the ability to attach an adaper on an arbitrary control and provide a content proposal popup.
Together, these can be used to do things like show a cue decoration when content proposals are available.  

The API is still evolving for this support, but API freeze is closer than we think (M5).
Please try this stuff out in your dialogs, wizards, or forms, where appropriate and open bugs as needed....

If you are particularly interested in required field indicators and how/whether Eclipse SDK should use them, please comment in

If there are existing wizards, dialogs, forms where you think content proposals would be appropriate, please open bugs for those features.


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